First day of harvest Picual olive oil
Castillo de Canena first day of harvest picualpicual-olive-leaves-first-day-2015

First Day of Harvest Olive Oil – Castillo de Canena – Picual – 2015

The First Day of Harvest olive oil from Castillo de Canena is a treasure not to be missed. It represents the best olives picked at their peak moment. This pure Picual olive oil is from hand selected trees and produces the highest quality olive oil but at only a fraction of the yield. The First Day of Harvest Picual olive oil is intensely green in color with pleasant bitterness and a complex nose. Its finish is herbaceous with notes of almond, banana, artichoke, fig leaf, and wild herb. The harvest took place on October 22, 2015, and the acidity is .13.

The Castillo de Canena practices sustainable and biodynamic farming practices and consistently win awards for their oils. (See Artisan section below for more information.)

Each year the Castillo de Canena selects a regional celebrity to design the label. This year’s label is by world famous Spanish language musical artist, Raphael. He has been in the music industry for 50+ years, appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show, around the globe and, of course, Las Vegas. He is the only Spanish language artist to earn a Uranium Record for sales over 50 million.

The singer explains, “I was born in Linares (Jaén), and I feel especially proud that — like Castillo de Canena — one can start out from Jaén and reach the whole world, succeeding through effort and determination.”

His special label represents the exuberance of performing for a huge auditorium of fans. The energy, passion and excitement are the same expressed by the First Day of Harvest as he experiences when he steps onto a stage before an audience.

Limited quantities available. this First Day of Harvest olive oil (Picual) make s wonderful gift for an olive oil aficionado.

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Castillo de Canena is owned and run by the Vano family in the Andalusia region of Spain where they have been since the 1780s. The name comes from the centuries old castle on the estate in Jaen, in the foothills of the  famous Sierra Magina. The family oversees the care of the olive orchards with great care for the land and holds several industry certifications to ensure the highest quality. This includes a special watering system from the Guadiana Menor and non-polluting biomass energy. The olives are picked and transported to the mill within four hours for cold pressing. They maintain a tradition of producing the highest quality olive oil with a combination of old world tradition and modern ecological wisdom.

How to Prep/Store

This pure Picual olive oil comes in a deep-red glass bottle to protect from the harmful effects of light. Keep in a cool area of your pantry. ENJOY this delightful Picual olive oil with crusty bread and an olive tray or drizzled over vegetables. This mono-cultivar Picual olive oil is herbaceous and peppery and will delight an olive oil lover.