First Day of Harvest Duo – Castillo de Canena

The First Day of Harvest duo of olive oil from Castillo de Canena is a formidable gift for one who appreciates fine olive oil!

Castillo de Canena consistently wins awards for their oils and has received the top available score at the Flos Olei.

Trees are hand selected for this special harvest. This year’s harvest was Oct 16, 2016. The harvest occurs in strict temperature control (often in the dark) and the olives are pressed within four hours! This first day of harvest duo showcases the best of each of these mono-cultivar olive oils.

Each year a celebrity of Spanish acclaim is selected to design the label. This year’s special label was designed by Spaniard Alex de la Iglesia. See artisan information below for more detail.

Very limited quantities available (iron stand NOT included).

First Day of Harvest Duo includes two 500 ml bottles. $95





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Weight 2

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Every year the company works with a different artist to design a unique label to adorn its iconic cherry-red bottles. Alex de la Iglesia, a popular Spanish film director, screenwriter, producer, and comic book artist, created a whimsical new label that reflects his love for Castillo de Canena’s First Day Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Alex tells us that “working on this project has not only been good fun, as the production of the First Day of Harvest brings the same magic, emotion and passion to the world of extra virgin oil as the characters in my films and books convey."

Recipe Ideas

Where to begin? The Picual has a much more pronounced flavor and complements heartier fare.It has a distinct but pleasant peppery finish. The Arbequina is mild and incredibly smooth--yet still flavor filled. Experiment and enjoy!