Featured Meal – Heritage Pork Chops

Pork chops like you have never had before! Heritage Berkshire pork chops, brussels sprouts, wild mushrooms ( Hedgehog or Chanterelle depending on availability) or baby shitake which are available year  ’round, and traditional Sardinian pasta. ( Sa Fregula Sarda) and…. the secret ingredient BLiS Maple syrup aged in bourbon casks! We’ll include recipes to help you create a memorable meal for your guests. Everything from a fun cocktail to start things off, a  recipe for a wonderful bourbon honey brine from chef Tony Adams for the chops ( although they are absolutely delicious without any brining), brussels sprouts with maple syrup and Fregula with mushrooms.

(please note photo shows boneless chop but these are on the bone- even tastier!)


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These heritage breed pigs live the life of luxury on a small family farms.  These pedigree pigs are one of the many specialty livestock breeds which have been brought back to showcase the incredible flavor. These are not "production" farms. the animals are raised with care.Berkshire pigs also go by the name of Kurobuta. You may have seen them on upscale menus as they are the darling of celebrity chefs these days. Of course they are free of hormones and unnecessary medicines.

How to Prep/Store

These thick chops are 12 oz each and are vacuumed sealed for freshness. This is true "farm to table".  If you like buy several and keep on hand in your freezer. Perfect fro an impromptu dinner party.  A sear on a hot grill or iron skillet will create a great browned crust, then finish off at lower heat. If you are one who thinks you have to cook a pork chop "to death" ...DON"T !  These are delicious, still a little pink in the center!

Recipe Ideas

Really all you have to do is sprinkle with a little salt and pepper and grill or pan cook. They are absolutely delicious with no adornment. However- see our FEATURED MEAL with a delicious recipe from Chef Tony Adams for a Bourbon honey brine.